Our services include:

Memory Lane Video Transfer protects your memories by converting your VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and Mini-DV video tapes to DVDs.
We convert 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, 110mm film and photographs to 1200dpi or 2400dpi digital images.
We can save these images to USB (provided by us), or your Dropbox account folder.

Video’s degrade. Sitting in your camera, on your shelf, in your VCR, your tapes will degrade. Even when you are not watching them, they degrade. Watching them makes them degrade that much faster. Over time, your visual memories will be lost. It may be 10 years, 15, or more if you are lucky, but every day, the picture quality is reduced.

Eventually, the memories you want to preserve for your children and even your grandchildren will be lost. In the “worst case” scenario, the two possessions we don’t want to lose are our photographs and home videos. Not to mention, VHS machines and analog video cameras are no longer sold in stores. Parts are no longer readily available.

How then, do we protect these memories so that we can watch them for years to come?
Converting analogue tapes to DVD preserves the data integrity allowing you to watch the DVD’s as often as you like without the danger of losing image and sound quality.

DVD copies can make wonderful and appreciated gifts, or for safekeeping in your safety deposit box. Your parents or children, will be thrilled to have their own copies of your wedding, their births, anniversaries and other special and celebrated occasions.

You buy insurance to protect your family, house, car, and your favourite possessions. Why not insure that your most valuable memories stay protected too. Transferring your old videos and slides to does just that.

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